December 3rd 2016

I've used Arch Linux for my operating system since 2013. That's both local and remote. I installed Arch again fresh in August 2014 after spending a few days with Debian on my local. I love the stability of Debian on my VPS. But for my local? Arch. All the way. (Update: I now use Arch both local and remote.) One thing I missed in Debian that I love in Arch: pacman -Syu. And the edge, which I find with Arch but not with Debian. Here's what I've installed within the first few hours of putting it back on my local

  • openssh -- still true in 2016 because I use mosh
  • mutt -- still true in 2016
  • zsh -- it's fish as of 2016
  • Vim, Git -- still true as of 2016
  • xmonad -- switched to i3
  • w3m -- I never use that as of 2016, but you have to use it when you first install Arch
  • wicd-curses -- yup
  • gimp -- yup
  • LibreOffice -- sometimes
  • Haskell -- node.js as of 2016, no haskell

The .xinitrc config for Spanish key access and terminal colors runs on startup:

xrdb ~/.Xresources

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout us -variant altgr-intl

exec i3

Debian is a different world than Arch. As I went through the Debian installation (and within 48 hours uninstallation) I saw a lot of what I'd call bulk/deadweight pre-installed.

Arch takes a different approach. I didn't spend last night uninstalling what I don't want from Arch. That includes Gnome (pre-installed on Jessie, Debian). There was a time when I loved the glossy finish of Gnome. Now? I want xmonad as fast as I can get it on my machine.*

Black terminal, white font, y nada mas.

*I've been off xmonad for a few years -- I used sway for a bit but it's still in early stages. I now rock i3.

Pub date: 2015-02-14. Updated 2015-05-24, 2016-12-02.

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