Carolina to Chicago: Live Show and Some Other Things

October 19th 2019

I never minded working hard
It's who I'm working for

-Gillian Welch, singing "Everything is Free Now" in Chicago, 2004 Link:

Got invited to see Shovels and Rope last night. Show details:

  • Fri, October 18, 2019, 8:00 PM CDT
  • The Vic Theatre
  • 3145 North Sheffield
  • Chicago, IL 60657
  • It was on the house because I met some members of the crew and they put me and a plus one on the list Everett is the plus one.

Walked up to the window. Said I was on the list but was prepared to hear "oh no you are not" but I was. Shvls & Rope is what the tickets say on them. And I sang aloud to someone (a man...Dave?) singing "Everything is Free Now", linked to up top, which was on the pre-show playlist. And as I sang aloud I figured and was hopeful that someone else in the room knows Gillian Welch. But I appeared to be the only blabbermouth singing along, loudly anyway at least. Blame my Carolina roots I guess. But Chicago is teaching me things.

Why am I telling you this? My apartment is a mess. I should be cleaning instead but I'm for lack of a better word derezzing the fridge. Because I am either going to repair it myself or have to call the landlord and I'd prefer to do this the DIY route if I can. Also, after listening to Everything is Free Now I pulled up Dylan on my tiny music player that Mick traded me in NYC because I was so over apple products that I traded out the little iThingy for this not fancy at all MP3 player. "With God On Our Side" is what I'm listening to.

Now, why is Gillian Welch so important to me? Because at the grand opening to my apartment in Colorado I sang one of her songs acoustic and loud, and on May 31 it burned to the ground because one of the roommates upstairs left a candle burning. It happens. Fire safety, people. Be careful with anything with an open flame. It really throws your world off its axis for a while. And you never forget some of the things lost.

Why am I writing this piece? The venue was pretty quiet last night. Shvls & Rope's site says that they're always on tour. Maybe you can catch them on one of their stops. I heard them play Birmingham live last night: -- sorry it's on the 'tubes and although it's a very sweet video, you might enjoy it more live. Now, obviously I got the tickets for free and I'm a Carolina person so I am DEFINITELY partial but there is something very front porch about the pair that resonates for me. Hence this piece instead of drinking the now getting cold coffee in the three cups sitting to my right.

A short vid from last night's show:

Well, let me get up and see if I can fix the fridge. And if I can't I'll at least get the laundry going. And while that's sloshing around with some peppermint bronners (not an advert as I've said before, I pay for that with money earned) I'll probably do the dishes and pretty it up in here.

A Saturday off. In Fall. What a pleasure.


PS: I still haven't published this piece, though I've been very busy troubleshooting and deep cleaning the fridge and apartment in general. And to be sure that the ice cream makes it, I went ahead and blended it into a matcha smoothie -- delicious. And while you're here, did you know about Greta Garbo? Me neither, til I met someone from Sweden this week who showed me their 100 krona bill in Sweden and I saw a woman's face, asked who it was and he told me Greta Garbo. Soooo I asked him if she was related to the Garbo brothers -- sister? Mom? Nope. I was wrong. Now that I'm home, looking them up, I see it was the Marx brothers and his name was Groucho. Seriously messed that one up. Her story is riveting and captures why I shred my notebooks.

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