Edited Hire Me

October 9th 2019

Just read this (2019.10.09):

Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG in New York. You cant [sic] have a recession with 7 million help wanted signs posted up in factory and store windows around the country.

source [Reuters]

Which made me think: hm. Does a 'now hiring' or 'help wanted' sign mean that a place is actually hiring? Because if you look like a place that's hiring, just to get people in the door and ...I don't know ...buy something? does that mean you're hiring?

When potential employees aka job seekers push a tad on what you're paying and you do the math real quick and realize it'll get you nowhere near where you need to be to eat and pay rent...


Seems to me as though a little deep digging may be called for here.

The story also makes me realize this page I published to my site is redundant.

Pretty much everyone, even those who used to be getting pensions but have just heard the awful news from GE about pension cuts, pretty much everyone is for hire at this point. source [FastCompany]


Edited 2019.10.09 to delete what you can hire me to do. I think my point has been made.

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